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Forest Row Energy Co-operative Ltd 2019

Our Projects

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Support for Solar 


We support solar installations for businesses and homeowners. If you are able to invest in solar electricity you can radically cut your carbon, become more energy self sufficient and reduce your energy bills. 


The government subsidies for solar electricity have now come to an end but we are still able to arrange 'pay-as-you-save' financing for medium and large local businesses if your property is suitable.

For homeowners and small businesses we can refer you to our reviewed suppliers so you that have confidence you are working with top notch suppliers.


We also offer corporate membership to local businesses that gives you consultancy time that you can use to help get solar in place.

Although solar electricity is no longer subsidised by the government it is still a great investment and should payback in less than 10 years. After that you essentially get free electricity! 

Solar PV is one of the best investments you can make if you want to take responsibility for reducing your carbon emissions and saving money. 

Take a look at what we offer to see how we can help you.


Renewable Energy for Emerson College

Forest Row Energy has completed a renewable energy feasibility study at Emerson College in Forest Row, funded through the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF). 


The study looked at the renewable energy and energy efficiency options that would work for the College and our community.  Currently phase 1 of the project to install solar electricity to supply 20% of the College's electricity is being implemented.


We are working with our partner, Brighton and Hove Energy Co-op (BHESCo) to secure full funding for this project.  


You can invest in a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Sussex by becoming a member of BHESCo. You will get 5% interest in your investment - by far more profitable than keeping savings in the bank whilst also supporting local community renewable energy.

Phase 2 of the project at Emerson College will be to implement a renewable heat network for the College. Watch this space!. 


Solar Power to the People


Following our award from the Marks and Spencer’s Community Energy Fund and further support from PowerVault and Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) we have been able to put renewable energy at the heart of our community. As part of the project we have put in place solar power with battery storage at the Forest Row Community Centre. 

We are monitoring the amount of energy generated and money saved from the solar panels and battery and share the information with you so that you can see the savings that you could make in your home or business.

As of April 2019, the 3.85kwp solar PV installation has been up and running for one year. It has produced 3,300kwh of electricity. The average household uses 3,500kwh per year and the PV installation that is in place at the community centre is the size of a larger domestic system.

Solar at Seasons


Forest Row Energy were thrilled to work with The Seasons, the very much loved local organic store, to help them install solar PV. 

As well as supplying the village with healthy, sustainable produced food The Seasons also wanted to reduce its carbon emissions from its day to day operations. They became one of our corporate members and benefited from consultancy support to get solar PV installed in February 2019.

The Seasons shop has now got a 5kwp solar installation in place - that's roughly the size of two small household systems. It is expected that the system will pay for itself in around 10 years and go on producing carbon free electricity for 25 years.

Well done The Seasons! Its great to see a responsible businesses doing so well in our community.

 Join us and help make more projects happen

Power Partners


Forest Row Energy has been awarded an £11,000 grant by UK Power Networks to run an energy advice project from May 2019-March 2020.


The aims of the project are to help alleviate fuel poverty, provide advice on how to become more energy efficient and give support for people to switch to renewable energy contracts.

We will be creating a fuel poverty map over the summer of 2019 to target the areas in Wealden most in need. From September 2019 we will be offering drop in energy advice surgeries throughout Wealden. 

In the mean time here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Check your energy tariff – 3 out of 4 households could save up to £300 per year. You can download our fact sheet to help you check and switch your tariff to make sure you get the best deal.

  • Make sure you get the help you are entitled to – you may be eligible to receive the Warm Home Discount and ECO funding for energy efficiency.