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The Fruits of Our Support for Solar

The end of the government Feed-In-Tariff that supports solar electricity generation is now upon us. From next month solar will need to stand alone without government support.

To make help make sure that our community could benefit from the subsidy before it closes we have been super busy over the winter providing support for homeowners and businesses.

We have pooled our resources to provide advice to over 25 homeowners and 3 local businesses. This includes supporting six new solar installations and perhaps a few more to come.

Amongst the installations we have supported is the locally well known and loved ‘Seasons’, one of our valued Corporate Members.

Robin Walden, the Director at Seasons said ‘We are thrilled with our new solar panels at the Seasons, as a business that cares deeply about our impact on the environment it makes so much sense for us to generate our own electricity.

Forest Row Energy was a great help and made the whole process incredibly easy, from helping with quotes and giving advice on different systems available and how the feed in tariffs work’.

With the close of the solar subsidy just round the corner now Forest Row Energy is winding down its current solar support service. But fear not renewable energy supporters - we are crunching numbers and making plans so that solar is stronger than ever in our community. With all the experience and contacts we have developed we are planning something exiting!


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