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The Climate Crisis and Community Energy - Forest Row Energy AGM

25th November 2021

Online: 19.30-20.30pm

As the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow gets underway this weekend organisations, communities and individuals are focusing now more than ever on the all important question, how can we take meaningful and adequate action to address the climate crisis?

At our community energy evening and AGM this year we will taking stock after the COP26 conference and focusing on what we can do as a community to take action on the climate crisis. We will also give you an update on our projects and have short AGM proceedings to elect our directors for the forthcoming year.

You are an important part of the evening. Please come and join the conversation!

If you would like to join us please RSVP by emailing

Joining instructions will be sent ahead of the evening.

Bring your own cakes and drinks!


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