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Helping Schools to Benefit from Renewables

Following our success in securing renewable energy grant funding for Emerson College, Forest Row Energy is offering local schools the opportunity to benefit from the same fund before it is planned to close in March 2019.

The Rural Community Energy fund (RCEF) provides up to £20,000 for renewable energy feasibility studies and funding plans. As an eligible legal entity that provides benefit to the community, Forest Row Energy Co-op is able to secure these funds and implement a funded project for the community to benefit from renewables.

For us to apply for funding for schools, all that is required is for the school to be enthusiastic about renewable energy and for them to engage in the process. We manage the funding application and feasibility study with the aim of establishing a project that can be funded through a share offer.

A share offer is a tried and tested funding strategy and the main route that community energy renewable energy projects are funded in the UK. It allows the public to invest in the project and receive an attractive interest rate on their investment.

The aim of the project would be for the organisation that generates the renewable energy to benefit from lower energy bills, more sustainable operations and valuable education opportunities. There is not the requirement on the organisation to invest, unless they want to.

If you know of a school in Forest Row or any of the surrounding towns and villages that would like to benefit from this funding please email


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